What is a security wristband?
Security wristbands are a method of identification worn by attendees at events to control admission. Security wristbands are commonly available in three materials, Tyvek wristbands, Vinyl or plastic wristbands and fabric or cloth wristbands. View our range of security wristbands.

What is Tyvek?
Tyvek is a material, similar in look and feel to paper but much tougher. Its waxy, durable surface makes it an ideal security wristband. Tyvek is waterproof, difficult to tear, non-stretch, easy to print on and is the most economical wristband we offer. Visit our Tyvek wristbands page to find out more.

Can you print full color logo?
Yes we can! 

Can you print Bar Codes?
Yes we can!

What is RFID?
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a term describing a wireless, non contact system that uses radio waves to transfer data from a carrier to a device, for the purpose of identification.

Can I make my own wristband?
Yes! You can send us any design of your own wristband or event pass.

What is social media integration?
Social media integration is a term used to describe the way RFID technology integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter during events. This is usually carried out through an RFID wristband. Find out how you can use RFID and social media at your events here.

How can I pay for my order?
Currently we accept most major credit or debit cards and PayPal as methods of payment. If you can't pay by any of these methods, please contact us info@cintapunto.com

When will my items be delivered?
Unless otherwise stated, we'll always send your order out with a courier on a next day delivery. Make sure you speak to a member of our sales team for confirmation and an estimated delivery date.

What are warranties?
We guarantee you 100% satisfy or 120% money back!