Cintapunto, przypinki i znaczki


Cintapunto produces regular and customized badges with images provided by our customers, i.e. logo, image or just words.


Customized badge consists of:

- round metallic base;

- metallic back with a safety pin.



- insert with an image provided by the customer;

- waterproof glossy film covering protecting from mechanical effects.


We receive orders for regular and customized badge production from various customers.  

Depending on the purposes we can produce different sizes and designs of badges.

We produce badges and customized badges of the following diameter: 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 65 mm.


There are two methods of adding image to a customized badge:

- printing on a polygraphic insert;

- direct printing on a metal base.


Since button badges are always on a prominent display like advertising magnets they are considered to be among the most effective types of advertising. Our souvenir company also produces metal badges according to customer’s design. The cost is individually calculated depending on the size, number of used colors, material, quantity of badges and production method. Badges and medals can be numbered. Depending on the production technology there are several types of metal badges:


- enameled badges,

- zinc badges,

- aluminium badges,

- iron badges,

- freeform contour badges.

Photoreports of finished goods

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