Modern coasters and cup mats are not just comfortable and useful table devices they can also be used as advertising materials.


Coasters and cup mats on your clients’ tables will always remind them of you and your brand. Marketing research shows that coasters and mats live in offices longer than other advertising stuff. Coasters and cup mats have a lot of positive aspects: clean table, absorbing surface, durability, perfect advertising medium. Cintapunto produces the following types of coasters and cup mats.


Types of coasters and cup mats:


- Silicone coasters and cup mats.
- Cork coasters and cup mats.
- Wood-pulp board coasters and cup mats.
- Plastic coasters and cup mats.


There is a possibility of additional package printing. 

Coasters and cup mats come in standard sizes 100 * 100 mm.


We also sell beermat - absorbing (beer) cardboard in sheets 700*1000 mm.


Cup and glass mats. Coasters. Beer coasters. Beer mats. Round, square. Different sizes. Full-color printing. Shortest periods. Coasters, beer and cup mats.

Photoreports of finished goods

Cork coasters Paper coaster Plastic coaster