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Signages, epoxy stickers, 3-D-stickers or stickers – these are informational signs or stickers, which contain information about the product, brand or manufacturer that owns a particular product.


Epoxy stickers, signages made of different materials, such as:

- Metals - such as aluminium, brass,

- Plastics - such as PVC, acrylic.


Spheres where signages (stickers, volumetric stickers) are used are quite broad. Volumetric signages are often used in products and souvenirs branding.


Here are some spheres of usage of volumetric stickers:

- industrial machinery,

- rack and hangers,

- metal-plastic windows,

- doors,

- handles,

- keychains,

- cars and transport,

- computers,

- as decor element on the walls,

- cash register equipment,

- household appliances,

- souvenirs,

- air conditioners,

- cosmetic products for cars,

- modems,

- toys,

- bottles for alcoholic beverages,

- diaries,

- icons,

- badges,

- number plates on the doors,

- as tablets on the doors,

- phones,

- play stations, etc.


Volumetric stickers are distinguished by the relativelyy low cost of production, as well as high quality and aesthetic properties.

Photoreports of finished goods

Epoxy stickers Epoxy stickers Epoxy stickers

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