Cintapunto - Thundersticks

Thundersticks — also known as inflatable noise-making fans sticks, rattle sticks, «cheersticks» or «bangers» — elongated narrow polystyrene balls, used for creating noise. The noise effect is created when the sticks are bumped against each other.

Most often they are used at sporting events, meetings or concerts.

The effect produced by hundreds of bumped against each other thundersticks (especially in the closed space) can be very impressive.

Fans, sitting behind the basketball hoop or football goalposts, use the thundersticks to distract the opposing team.

Thundersticks come from the  Republic of Korea  and become popular due to active use of the Anaheim Angels baseball team's fans in the USA during the World Cup  2002. Currently fans of other types of sports use the thundersticks with logos of their favourate teams to cheer them up during the match.

You may come across fans with thundersticks at a great range of sporting events  — starting from cricket cup in India and socket world cup all over Europe (they are often called «cheersticks» or «bangers»).