Slap wristbands

Ленточка® | Слэп браслеты


In expanded form it looks like a bookmark or a ruler, but if slapped against the wrist the wristband wraps around the arm. It is possible due to a flexible steel plate, which is inside the wristband.


Slap wristband is a new tool for promo and btl - events. In the same way as silicone wristbands, slap wristbands are used in mass advertising events, parties and shows – in other words they are used everywhere, where you need to bring your brand to audience youth market.


Available sizes:

- 2,5x23 cm;

- 3x23 cm;

- 3x30 cm;

- 3x34 cm.


Face side is made of light-reflecting PVC film, may include other materials like leather, textile, etc. Inner side of the wristband (adjacent to the wrist) is made of black and grey velvet material.



Color Palette 

Палитра цветов слеп-браслетов


Photoreports of finished goods

Slap Bracelets Slap Bracelets Slap Bracelets

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