Tyvek Wallets


Mighty Wallet is a stylish wallet for the new generation. 

Leather wallets are losing their ground. It happens ‘cause their boring colors and thickness is often becomes a problem. Quite often a bulky leather wallet occupies the whole space of the pocket.   

And then   the question comes: where could you put your smart phone? 

Mighty Wallet, manufactured by American company Dynomighty Design is something new on the personal accessories market. Wallets Mighty Wallet are roomy, very beautiful, strong and durable. 


Mighty Wallet is made of polymer microfiber Tyvek from the best manufacturer of this material company DuPont. The smooth surface allows to apply on a wallet any image, even a photo of the future owner. This makes Mighty Wallet not only functional but also novel present with no analogues available. Thanks to its features Mighty Wallet is an excellent advertising medium. 

Potential customer will use this kind of souvenir for a long time, kindly recalling the grantor.

Designer-constructor of the wallet made of  polymer microfiber Tyvek is an American   

Terrence Kelleman. Imagine that Mighty Wallet doesn’t have stitches at all. Because of that it is so durable and very roomy. Despite the fact that such a wallet easily fits solid stack of banknotes, it looks like a several times folded sheet of paper. Besides the money itself, business and credit cards may be put into wallet and it will not harm the shape of it.

Slim wallet easily fits even in the breast pocket of the shirt. Thus it is little noticeable to the others.


Mighty Wallet weights only 20 grams. A very light wallet will become heavier because of the banknotes but it will barely pull the pocket down.

Moisture resistance allows the use of the wallet in any weather conditions. Do you have to write   something down and do not have anything to write on? Excellent! You can write directly on the wallet with pen or pencil because Tyvek’s features are equivalent to the paper. At the same time durability of the material doesn’t lose in competition with the goods made of leather.

By the way, some worn spots will become visible while using the Mighty Wallet. It will bring more colour and solidity.


Good news for those who care about environment. Polymer microfiber Tyvek consist 25% of recycled materials and is fully recyclable. Ph – neutral material Tyvek doesn’t consist any toxic ingredients. Even for the surface printing ecologically safe ink with world level SGC quality certificate is used.

Another advantage of   Mighty Wallet is a packaging. It is 100% recycled metal and polyethylene.


Technical features of Mighty Wallet:

• Two large sections for cash and checks;

• Two fold-out sections for credit and loyalty cards;

• Two pockets for business cards;

• Four Tyvek cards for records

• Folded wallet dimensions are: 10,5sm x x 8,5sm 0,6sm

• When open - 21cm x x 8,5sm 0,3sm

• Weight wallet with packing 20 grams without packaging - 15 grams.

• Amazingly smooth surface for the application of image.

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