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Vinyl wristbands can be used for various purposes, when visual control and identification of visitors, staff, etc. become critical

Vinyl wristbands produced under Cintapunto brand belongs to premium class products: best quality, easy wrist mounted, equipped with stable clip, comfortable wearing and at the same time very strong. Magnificently suits for using in various situations or events, when you need to monitor somebody over a long period of time.


This type of vinyl wristbands is only for single-use. They cannot be removed and put on again, thus we are achieving the most convenience for the security service, administration, for service employees, and eventually it increases the level of customer service.  


Surface of vinyl wristbands allows applying different marks using a conventional permanent marker. If desired, you can print logo or make text typographically. In a same way as silicone wristbands the Vinyl wristbands are manufactured by our company in Europe and have competitive market prices.    




Types of vinyl wristbands 

Cintapunto - Vinyl Wristbands





Color Palette of Vinyl Wristbands  

Photoreports of finished goods

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